Pablo | AguilarĀ©

Photographer from Houston TX

All I do is invest my time and money into this. I spend hours watching tutorials learning new things and awesome how you can never stop learning I am slowly starting to get the concept of color grading and I’m finding my style in photography. I love doing this and I need to start pumping out more videos soon because I’ll be on my own before I know it and I just want to tour for a few weeks maybe a month or 2 filming bands, music videos, weddings, festivals, raves and so much more it’s the only thing I see myself doing because this form of art I can show off who I am and what I do thank you to those who kindly support me not very many of you but I’m still thankful for all that’s happened in the last 2-3 years if this career I’ve had going. It’s cool watching old videos and looking and what I used to be to what I am becoming.

Ahhh I love finding new premiere pro tricks it’s like you can never stop learning :)

Hello friends thank you for everything I will soon start making update and vlogging videos :)

Telle Smith Of The Word Alive

Michael Bohn of Issues

Kaylee Hester

Spencer Charnas
of Ice Nine Kills
Houston Warped Tour


Parker Cannon at Houstons Warped Tour

Instagram: @_pabloaguilar

Michael Bohn Crowd Surfing Houston Warped Tour
instagram: @_pabloaguilar


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